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mymindsblownaway zapytał(a): I hope u arent sleeping forever now.

Unfortunately not

alltimelowoffic zapytał(a): Hey :) i have followed you for a while now and i love you and your blog but in order to keep up my recovery and to stay clean (as i am currently 453 days clean and want to stay strong) i have made the decision to unfollow all the black and white and depression blogs that i follow. I hope you understand and i wish you all the best in the future. love you x

I do understand, stay strong and good luck, I’m proud of you. ;)

attackontitian zapytał(a): To the anon with the rope burns, if you have long enough hair maybe you could try to cover it up with your hair. Or wear a big sweater or maybe a turtle neck


Anonim zapytał(a): I have school tomorrow and after a suicide attempt yesterday I have a huge rope burn and a bruised neck. Makeup won't cover it. Any advise. I need to hide it because I get bullied for being 'emo freak' already if they see this I will get beat up again. Sorry for bothering you.

You don’t bother me.

I have no idea, sorry. :(